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Each semester, WGNHS hires students to work on a wide variety of projects with our faculty and staff. We leverage the work we can do with the help of students from area campuses; students get valuable experience as interns, research assistants, lab assistants and field assistants.

Jady Carmichael
Jady Carmichael

Project title: Website intern
Advisor/supervisor: Linda Deith, Carol McCartney

Email: jdcarmichael@wisc.edu

Alex Cassell
Photo of Alex Cassell

Project title: Map data update
Advisors/supervisors: Caroline Rose, Pete Schoephoester

Email: acassell@wisc.edu

Sydney Chen
Sydney Chen

Project title: Data preservation of USGS schedules for well construction information
Advisor/supervisor: Irene Lippelt

Email: sydney.chen@wisc.edu

Catherine Christenson
WGNHS student

Project title: Stream parameterization for groundwater modeling
Advisors/supervisors: Mike Cardiff, Dave Hart, Jean Bahr

Email: cchristenso4@wisc.edu

Anna Fehling

Project title: Climate change impacts to groundwater flux and streamflow temperatures in the Marengo River headwaters
Advisors/supervisors: Dave Hart, Jean Bahr

Email: anna.fehling@wisc.edu

Ethan Heyrman
Ethan Heyrman

Project title: Geologic sample curation and data management
Advisors/supervisors: Pete Schoephoester, Carsyn Ames

Email: eheyrman@wisc.edu

Libby Ives
Libby Ives

Project title: Pleistocene geology of Jefferson County, WI
Advisor/supervisor: Elmo Rawling

Email: woodfor5@uwm.edu

Lisa Kamal
WGNHS student intern

Project title: pXRF lab assistant
Advisor/supervisor: Esther Stewart


Aditya “AD” Krishnan

Project title: Technical operations intern
Advisor/supervisor: Pete Schoephoester

Email: akrishnan8@wisc.edu

Madeleine Mathews
WGNHS student

Project title: Geologic sources of radium to municipal wells in Wisconsin
Advisors/supervisors: Matthew Ginder-Vogel, Pete Chase

Email: mmathews2@wisc.edu

Afiqah Rafi
Afiqah Rafi

Project title: 2018 USGS NGGDPP data preservation and social media
Advisors/supervisors: Carol McCartney, Brad Gottschalk

Joe Rasmussen
WGNHS student

Project title: Geophysical modeling of Precambrian topography using aeromagnetic and gravity data
Advisors/supervisors: Esther Stewart, Basil Tikoff

Laura Schachter
WGNHS student

Project title: Quantifying nitrate loading from agricultural fields
Advisors/supervisors: Ken Bradbury, Mike Cardiff

Email: lschachter@wisc.edu

Lauren Thomas
WGNHS student

Project title: Determining the energy budget and heat flows for a district-scale geothermal field operating under unbalanced energy loads.
Advisors/supervisors: Jim Tinjum, Dave Hart, Dante Fratta

Email: lkthomas2@wisc.edu

Chelsea Volpano
WGNHS student

Project title: Grain-size analyses for the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway and STATEMAP Driftless Quaternary mapping projects. Also an undergraduate research project focused on the nearshore sedimentology in southwestern Lake Michigan.
Advisor/supervisor: Elmo Rawling

Email: cvolpano@uwm.edu